About Frank Lemke. Luthier.

“I make instruments to allow musicians indulging in the art of playing music. It is essential for me as a luthier to make an instrument for musicians that they can play passionately and reliably”, Frank Lemke declares.

“There is always an intimate relationship between musicians and their instruments, and it is in this spirit that I make instruments to help musicians express themselves individually. My aim as a luthier is to make high quality string instruments, handmade in the tradition of the great old master luthiers and violin making schools, which would meet the high demand of musicians“

Frank Lemke´s background


Frank Lemke had been fascinated by string instruments ever since childhood and naturally he had wondered how these instruments came to be and who the great luthiers were. The more Frank Lemke learned about  them, the more interesting and mysterious this craft seemed to him.

A turning point in his road to becoming a violin maker were his cello lessons. For him this was the beginning of a journey into the fascinating world of creative self expression.

Following his many years of musical training, Frank Lemke attended the luthier school in Mittenwald and learned the fine art of violin making. The educational institution of Mittenwald stands for a comprehensive and solid education, for high quality standards and craftmanship. After his training as a luthier, Frank Lemke worked in various workshops including Becker in Chicago, Schiegnitz in Berlin and other workshops in Cologne.

Since 2014 he has been working as a self-employed luthier in his own studio in Cologne.