Repair, Maintenance and Rehair.

Repair and Maintenance


Daily use causes wear and tear or even damage to string instruments. The maintenance, repair and restoration of violins, violas, cellos and double basses belong to the hands of a specialist.

The knowledge about the historical building practice of string instruments, about the different components of their varnish up to their optimal sound adjustment, is essential for all sorts of repairs.

“The preservation of the original condition of string instruments is the most important thing“, says Frank Lemke. For repairs and restorations Frank Lemke uses traditional, but also selfdeveloped methods and tools. The bowhair in use is exclusively selected and is of the very best Mongolian horsehair.

The studio for violin making in Cologne offers the following services:

• Regular maintenance of string instruments
• Repair and restoration of string instruments
• Sound tuning and adjustment of string instruments
• Repairs of bows and rehairing

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A high quality bowhair is as important for the tonal developement of the instrument as the condition of the bow and the hair itself. Depending on the playing time and intensity, the bow hair must be renewed every 6 to 12 months.


Rehairing a bow is part of the daily routine of the workshop and usually takes one day. Only the best Mongolian horsehair is used for all bow rehairing.

The studio for violin and cello making in Cologne offers the following bow repairs:

• Replacement of the hair with Mongolian horsehair
• Renewal of the head plate and the head tip
• Renewal of the thumb leather.
• Renewal of the silver winding.

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